ComBaton….Not for the Weak of Heart!

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As the days of big NFL slobber-knocker hits are coming to an end, the game leaves more to be desired; at least for me.  Sure concussions and brain damage aren’t cool.  No one can argue that.  Unfortunately, with the rule changes, we as fans loose a big part of the game’s past.  So let’s imagine for a second that you could watch a player attempting to score and the opponent launch into the air hitting them square in the chest with a spin kick.  Not only does the player not score, they are lying flat on their back dazed.  The is just another day in the life of comBATON players.  This extreme sport is a mix of football and martial arts.  The basic premise of the sport is two teams of six passing a baton to one another trying to score without getting kicked in the chest.  Oh yeah, punches are allowed too!  But these can only land in the torso area.   Boooo, what a buzz kill!

Can you imagine frail Jay Cutler getting rib punched and kicked into submission trying to score a touchdown?  He’d never play another game and would wet the bed at night thinking about it.  That’s something I’d like to see.

cutler peepee pants







As much fun as I think it would be to see a bunch of Jet Li football players throwing down, I don’t think this sport will be in the lime light anytime soon.  To be honest it looks like organized chaos, although hilarious and entertaining at the same time.  You’re first thought is probably going to be who the heck would think up such a thing?  Well I’m sure there are far worse sports out there that make a whole lot less sense.  Look at curling, and that is in the Olympics.  So make sure to visit your local sports store this weekend and ask them where to find the comBATON gear.  I’m sure they’ll have a wide selection and be impressed you’re asking for something they’ve never heard of before.  When you do get some gear have a few friends over and practice your chest kicks.  Let me know how it goes and be sure to be on the lookout for comBATON tryouts near you!


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